Diwali 2022 5 Ways People Celebrate Diwali Today

How groups of friends and families gather to observe the Indian Festival of Lights

The five-day festival of lights known as Diwali unites people in a variety of ways, from feasting to watching fireworks, during the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. Discover 5 ways that people are celebrating Diwali today by joining in the festivities...

During Diwali, people frequently travel to see their relatives in order to spend time with them and celebrate the holiday.

1. Interacting with each other

Diwali is celebrated with family and friends by cooking and eating while doing so. Indian cuisine is prepared and shared by people, including a variety of sweet and savory treats.

2. Preparing a feast

To celebrate Diwali, lights and diyas (lamps) are also lit in homes and throughout the streets. As demonstrated here, a group of people can release lanterns into the sky as a sign of celebration.

3. Lighting up the holiday

People frequently assemble at nighttime fireworks displays to continue the holiday celebrations after the sun goes down.

4. From day to night on Diwali

During the Diwali celebrations, giving and receiving gifts, such as sweets, clothing, jewelry, and firecrackers, can be a significant part of the festivities.

5. Giving as a way to celebrate

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