7 Diabetes-Friendly  Breakfast Recipes 


Kuttu Paratha

Kuttu is excellent for diabetics because it is high in protein, important minerals, and vitamins. This kuttu ka paratha recipe is simple to prepare and goes well with dahi.

Aloe Vera Juice

This juice is one of the most common ways to consume aloe vera. Simply combine some aloe vera gel, a glass of water, salt, roasted jeera, and mint leaves, and serve in a tall glass.

Kala Chana Chaat

The chana needs only to be soaked the night before, then put in the pressure cooker and boiled. To make it more flavorful, add some boiled potatoes and masalas with kala chana

Stir-fry Boiled Eggs

Try this quick stir-fry dish with boiled eggs if you don’t like plain boiled eggs. However, make sure to use no more than a tablespoon of oil when preparing this dish


This mushy mixture of urad dal, semolina, curd, and vegetables contains a wealth of protein and fiber that may aid in the management of diabetes

Neem Tea

Neem has many health advantages, but non-insulin-dependent diabetics benefit from it the most

Ragi Dosa

high fiber content of ragi and wheat, this could be a fantastic nutritional package for diabetics