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Nikhil Gupta’s Blackbook | Master English Vocabulary for Competitive Exams (SSC, DSSSB, Banking, and Defense)

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Discover the ultimate guide for mastering English vocabulary for SSC, DSSSB, Banking, Defence, and other competitive exams with Nikhil Gupta’s Blackbook. Learn from the top choice of toppers and achieve your exam goals with updated vocabulary and comprehensive content.

Master English Vocabulary for Competitive Exams with Nikhil Gupta’s Blackbook

Preparing for competitive exams like SSC, DSSSB, Banking, Defence, and more can be daunting, especially when it comes to mastering English vocabulary. Nikhil Gupta’s Blackbook of English Vocabulary is here to ease your journey. Updated until April 2024, this essential guide is designed to help you excel in your exams. Here’s why you need this book on your study table.

Why Choose Nikhil Gupta’s Blackbook?

1. Extensive Coverage:
The Blackbook covers vocabulary from SSC exams since 1997 and includes over 800 sets from various exams, ensuring you have a comprehensive repository of words.

2. Error-Free Vocabulary:
Say goodbye to repeated or erroneous words. This book provides a unique and unrepeated list of vocabularies for accurate learning.

3. Frequency Indicator:
Words marked with #R indicate their importance, helping you prioritize your study.

Key Features

Comprehensive Content:
From One Word Substitutions to Idioms, Phrases, Synonyms, Antonyms, Spellings, Homonyms, Phrasal Verbs, and Fixed Prepositions, this book covers it all. Special sections like The Hindu’s vocabulary and 24 specialized wordlists enhance your learning.

Bilingual Meanings:
Over 20,000 words come with clear Hindi meanings, making it easier for Hindi-speaking students to grasp and retain.

Practice Sets:
Exam-based practice sets included in every chapter enable you to test your knowledge and improve progressively.

Enhanced Learning:
Chapters are expanded with new vocabulary, fixed prepositions, homonyms, and additional words, keeping you updated with the latest content.

Innovative Symbols:
New symbols like #R, star (*), and tilde (~) highlight word relevance and importance, guiding your study focus.

What’s New in the 2024 Edition?

  • Updated Vocabulary: New words from 368 recent SSC sets and 800+ other exams are included.
  • Expanded Chapters: Includes Fixed Prepositions, Homonyms, and additional vocabulary.
  • Enhanced Definitions: Clear English definitions for better understanding.
  • Innovative Symbols: Highlight the relevance of words with new symbols like #R.

Why It’s the Topper’s Choice?

Nikhil Gupta’s Blackbook is recommended by toppers, including AIR 1, for its fastest revision tool and comprehensive content. This book is not just another vocabulary guide; it’s a strategic tool designed to ensure success in your exams.


Q1: Is this book suitable for banking exams?
Yes, the Blackbook is ideal for SSC, banking exams, DSSSB, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MBA, TET, and other government exams.

Q2: Does the book provide meanings in Hindi?
Yes, the book includes over 20,000 words with clear Hindi meanings, making it easier for Hindi-speaking students.

Q3: Are the vocabulary lists updated?
Absolutely, the book includes updated vocabulary from 368 recent SSC sets and over 800 other exams.

Q4: What are the new features in the 2024 edition?
The 2024 edition has expanded chapters, new vocabularies, fixed prepositions, homonyms, additional words, and innovative symbols like #R for highlighting word relevance.

Q5: How does the book help in fast revision?
The book’s structured and comprehensive content, along with innovative symbols and practice sets, makes it the fastest revision tool for exam preparation.

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