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85% of Indian children experience cyberbullying, the highest rate globally

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85% of Indian children experience cyberbullying, the highest rate globally

85% of Indian children have been cyber-bullied, the highest number in the world, according to a new report by cyber-security firm McAfee. Indian children reported being cyber-bullied and cyber-bullying others more than twice the international average in the report, ‘Cyber-bullying in Plain Sight‘.

Almost 1 in 3 children in India are exposed to cyber-bullying as teens, including cyber racism, cyber harassment, and physical threats. This makes India the nation with the highest report of cyber-bullying worldwide.

 GAGAN SINGH (Chief product officer, McAfee)

  • 45% of Indian children said they hide their cyberbullying experiences from their parents
  • 45% said they cyberbullied a stranger, compared to 17% worldwide
  • 48% said they cyberbullied someone they know
  • 1.5 times cyberbullying reported by Indian children compared to children in other countries
  • 48% of parents said that they’ve spoken to their children about cyberbullying

3 out of 5 (58%) Children said they have deleted a social media account to avoid cyber-bullying

66% of Indian children said they are more likely to be cyber-bullied by someone they know

Young Indian Girls See Highest Rates of Cyber-bullying

32% (10-14 Years old)

34% (15-16 Years old)


  • Trolling – 36%
  • Personal attacks – 29%
  • Sexual Harassment – 30%
  • The threat of Personal harm – 28%
  • Doxing – 23%

All of these at almost double the global average


  • Spreading False Rumours – 39%
  • Being Excluded from groups – 35%
  • Name Calling – 34%

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