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Gyanvapi case is currently being heard: a look at what led to “Win for Hindu Side”

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Gyanvapi case is currently being heard a look at what led to win for Hindu side

The Hindu side is delighted with the Gyanvapi Case verdict after the Varanasi court rejected the Anjuman Islamia Masjid Committee’s appeal today.

  • The Anjuman Islamia Masjid Committee’s appeal was denied by the Varanasi Court.
  • “It’s a win for the Hindu community,” Sohan Lal Arya remarked.
  • Manju Vyas was seen having fun and dancing.

A petition from the Anjuman Islamia Masjid Committee challenging the validity of a lawsuit brought by five Hindu women seeking the right to pray inside the Gyanvapi mosque grounds was denied by the Varanasi court. “It’s a win for the Hindu community. The next hearing is on September 22. It’s a foundation stone for the Gyanvapi temple. Appeal to people to maintain peace,” said Sohan Lal Arya, the petitioner in the Gyanvapi case.

The next hearing in the case will be on September 22, according to the legal representative for the Hindu side, Vishnu Shankar Jain. “The court rejected the Muslim side’s petition and said the suit is maintainable,” he added. Manju Vyas could be seen dancing alongside him as they both rejoiced over the court’s ruling in the Gyanvapi case. “My Hindu brothers and sisters should light diyas to celebrate,” Manjus said.

A look at what caused the “win for Hindu side”

This case was transferred from the lower court where it was being heard until the Supreme Court assigned it to the Varanasi district court in the month of May. The Supreme Court ordered in a decision that the civil suit before the Varanasi civil judge “shall be heard before a senior and experienced judicial officer of the UP judicial service, keeping the complexity and sensitivity of the matter in view.”

A month before the Supreme Court took up the case, the Varanasi civil court ordered the filming of the Gyanvapi mosque in response to a petition from Hindu women who claimed that the Gyanvapi mosque complex contains idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

A report on the filming at the mosque was later provided to the Varanasi court under seal, but just a few hours later, the Hindu petitioners controversially made the information public. The report stated that a “Shivling” had been found in a pond on the grounds of a mosque that was used for Muslim “wuzu,” or purification rituals, prior to prayers. 

Regarding this, Sohan Lal Arya said, “Shivling….Jiski Nandi pratiksha kar rahi thi… The moment things became clear, the chants of ‘Har Har Mahavdev’ resounded throughout the mosque grounds.”

The Gyanvapi mosque committee sued the Supreme Court to stop this filming inside the historically significant mosque. According to the petitioners, the 1991 Places of Worship Act, which upholds the religious status of places of worship as of August 15, 1947, was violated by the filming.

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